Sould agency GmbH

I was commissioned to design a poster for Sould Consultancy in Germany. Their client (Puraglobe) competes in the 24hr Nuburgring every year. 2018 had been particularly successful for them, so they wanted to give their client something to commemorate this success. Mathias had found me via Drive Tribe and thought my style would suit this project perfectly.


For this particular project, photography was supplied and I quickly short-listed some favourites. I presented three options for the final poster design. After much deliberation, Sould couldn’t pick a winner so they asked me to produce all three!

Our client LOVES your artwork. I would like to say thank you. It has been a pleasure working with you: easy, straightforward, quick – perfect! I am already thinking about what we could do next 😉 Ralf Becker, Sould Consultancy.