Anthropos Brand Identity

Anthropos is a startup company, with a unique proposition. With the use of discreet technology, they can enable elderly people, living with long-term health problems to stay in their own homes for longer. Anthropos is the first SaaS connected health platform that allows care providers to exploit the capabilities of smart technology.

I was asked to design the brand identity. It had to be contemporary, but not techie as the target markets are care providers and family members. The ‘A’ logo was inspired by Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, which describes human proportion and symmetry.

As part of the brand identity roll out, I also designed the launch website, iconography, printed stationery and brochureware, PowerPoint templates for the sales team and exhibition graphics for the launch. An easy to follow brand guidelines ensures that the look and feel stays consistent and on message.

An app is also in development and I’ve been involved with fast prototyping and UI design for the demo.